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ayyy, my name is Shayla, but just call me Toaster.
I'm a girl that likes watching anime and serial killer documentaries.

Feel free to stop by and send me a few messages, it'll make my day.
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mostly nature

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i’ve gotten such an incredible, wonderful, amazing reception on here lately, and i just wanted to do something to say thank you for all of it, all the nice words, all the reblogs/likes/follows, each one of you that taken the time to look at my art… so heres a pair of older Pines twins from my sketchbook..

i love all of you so much <3


some gravity falls doodles from the past 2 days


Photography by the imaginative Anka Zhuravleva

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i may be sober but i have this sick ass glow stick who’s the real winner


a little guide to some pronouns featuring pokemon 

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"Why did you make me leader?"

"Because… you asked"

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Small lake in Nanaimo, British Columbia

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A man after a successful heart transplant, holding his old, diseased heart

metal as fuck

Wow! Incredible.

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